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Tim williams: Finding your ritual

Today Ron, Rian, and Jesse are joined by Tim Williams to talk strength, and starting your own clothing brand.

drunk cast

While at the Arnold, Jesse, Ron, and Al shared a few drinks while Rian mediated the drunk cast.

Leroy Walker And James Strickland: Rivalries and Friendships

While at the Arnold, Ron, Rian, and Jesse sat down with Leroy Walker and James Strickland to discuss their rivaled past and their training methods.

ed coan: stick to the program

While at the Arnold, Ron, Jesse, and Al sit down with the legendary Ed Coan to talk about powerlifting, food, and professional wrestling.




This is the worst podcast I’ve ever heard.
— Wall Street Journal

Never afraid to take a long walk off topic, but always results in great humor and information.
— Rian "Rhino" Miles